Wondering About the
Best Way to Plan a Disney Vacation

Having a Walt Disney World vacation planner
will make the difference between
a magical vacation….and a miserable one.

Magical…and affordable Disney family vacations do not happen by accident! As a Walt Disney World “veteran”, the most important piece of information that I share with anyone planning their first Disney visit is this: Do NOT go unprepared! Walt Disney World is overwhelming, and if you arrive without a plan, and no idea what you want to see or where you want to go, you….and the rest of your family will be miserable. An excellent guidebook will possibly be the most valuable purchase you will make in planning your Disney World vacation: you will learn tips to save time and money. The problem is, which to choose? There are probably thousands of Walt Disney World vacation planners! And as a Disney fanatic, I have read a lot of them!!

Here are a few that I especially recommend:

The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide is an excellent resource, filled with all kinds of great “insider” bookcover2009information, since it is written by a former Disney World castmember! This is actually an e-book, with 100 pages of tips and suggestions that only someone who has worked at Disney world would know. Purchasing the book also allows you unlimited access to the author’s website for updates, and since it is an e-book, it is updated monthly, so you always have access to the most current information! The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide is the perfect resource for the most up-to-date information.

Beyond the Attractions: A Guide to Walt Disney World with Preschoolers is designed for those traveling to Disney World with young children. While there are a number of great Disney World guidebooks on the market, most are “general” types of books, providing valuable information, but not necessarily the kind of things that a mom (or dad) specifically needs to know when traveling to Disney with little ones. Such as which attractions your preschooler will probably love…and which ones could very likely scare the dickens out of them.  Or how the Baby Care Centers can be a lifesaver. Or what to do to make sure you don’t get lost from your preschooler at the parks (at Disney, children don’t get lost, their parents do…) Or what kinds of things you need to pack specifically for preschoolers.  Beyond the Attractions: A Guide to Walt Disney World with Preschoolers provides this information and a great deal more, making it indispensable in my opinion, for anyone who will be visiting Disney World with preschoolers or toddlers.

The Complete Walt Disney World is also a very good resource, providing tons of great information, in a well organized 517R-nCNB+L._SL160_format that makes it easy to find just what you need. Detailed information on each of the theme parks includes touring plans as well as descriptions, wait times, and a kid’s “Fear Factor” for each ride. It also includes resort descriptions that even say how far each resort is from each theme park. While this is a very “complete” guidebook, it is not as enormous and overwhelming as some Disney planning books are. In fact, it is small enough to be able to carry it with you to the parks, which is a huge benefit in my opinion. What good is a guidebook if it takes you an hour to leaf through hundreds of pages to find what you want? A Disney guidebook that is the size of the phone book is a bit too much detail for me! The Complete Walt Disney World is my first choice for the best way to plan a Disney vacation.

At over 800 pages, The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World is the book for the Disney World visitor who want to 51cYJbqBF6L._SL160_know everything there is to know about the parks. It i s thorough and provides an unbiased perspective of all the Disney parks, plus SeaWorld and Universal. One of the most popular aspects of this book are the Touring Plans which offer how-to guides for spending a day or so at each park. While all of the detailed information is great, it is alot of information in my opinion, and is definitely not a little book to take to the parks with you. Still, if you want a great planning guide and don’t mind wading through the many chapters,  The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World is the book for you.

PassPorter’s Walt Disney World is one of my favorite Disney vacation planners. Filled with lots of detailed passporterinformation about every aspect of Walt Disney World, including the parks, the resorts, and the restaurants, it is organized so well that it is very easy to follow….and very easy to quickly find just what you are looking for. The author includes maps, lots of personal vacation photos, detailed reviews from adults and children, and for the organizers among us, pockets and a journal. It is vacation planner and keepsake all in one! If you want to stay organized on your trip and find what you need easily,PassPorter’s Walt Disney World is the travel guide for you.

I love Birnbaum’s Walt Disney World travel guide. As the official Disney-endorsed book, it is not unbiased, but can birnbaumstill be very helpful especially regarding rides. When we were still new to Walt Disney World, the “Birnbaum’s Best” designation for some of the rides was very helpful to my family as we decided which rides were must-sees. With maps and graphics that really help a Disney newbie get a sense of what the parks look like, it is a light and easy read, and in my opinion is a must-read for anyone who has never been to Walt Disney World. Birnbaum’s Walt Disney World travel guide is a great choice for a first-time visitor, that will help the reader get an overall feel of what to expect.

Birnbaum’s Walt Disney World For Kids is the must-have book if you are traveling to Disney birnbaum for kidsWorld with children. On our first Disney trip, our daughter was seven…and while I used the “adult” Birnbaum’s guide, this book was hers, and I encouraged her to use the kid’s ideas and recommendations about the different rides and attractions to help her make decisions about what she did…and did not… want to see. While there are great maps and pictures in the book, it is the perspective of other kids…what they liked and did not like, and helpful tips that only kids would think of…that truly make this book special. Birnbaum’s Walt Disney World For Kids is my first choice for anyone who is taking children to Disney World


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