Planning Your Family’s Disney Vacation?

Wondering How Your Meals At Walt Disney World Can Be “Magical”  Without Breaking The Bank?

Planning a Disney vacation is exciting, but it can leave you feeling overwhelmed by all the details. Especially when it comes to dining at Walt Disney World.

Now you can find the answers to all of your questions about planning your meals at Disney World….including perhaps the most important one of all:

How can I save money?

Dear Walt Disney World vacation planner,

“We’re going to Disney World!”

Is there any phrase that is more exciting for a family to hear? Dreams of castles and princesses and pirates and fireworks….expectations for a Disney vacation are high, with everyone looking forward to a trip filled with wonderful…and magical….moments. But if you are like most people planning a Disney vacation, you have lots of questions, because you want your family’s trip to be amazing! And if you are also like most people planning a Disney vacation, a lot of your questions are about dining at Walt Disney World. The good news is that now there is a guide that provides all the answers you are looking for….and more…. in one place, in an easy-to-read format.

It will save you time….and money on your Disney vacation.

Magical Meals: A Guide to Affordable Dining at Walt Disney World will make you an expert when it comes to dining at Walt Disney World. And it will help you to KNOW everything you need to know to make sure your meals at Disney World are stress-free, memorable, fun…..and affordable.

My name is Nancy Bobby and my family and I love traveling to Disney World…and I love to do it affordably. With years of experience saving money on my own trips to Walt Disney World, I now help others to do the same on my blog, The Affordable Mouse.

Walt Disney World is my favorite place to visit, and nothing makes me sadder than hearing folks say that they can’t visit because they can’t afford it. The fact is, a Disney vacation can be affordable, if you know how to plan and have good tools and advice. That is what I provide in The Affordable Mouse community.

Jolie: I would just like to thank you for this page. I’m taking my son on his first trip in late September, and this has been invaluable!

Herman: Being a recently new fan of this site, and I really do enjoy it, I want to say how thoroughly I enjoy the articles. Just this morning I finally scrolled to the bottom of the page and discovered all of the treasures you have hidden down there on your past articles. I can spend a whole lot of time just browsing. Y’all do a fantastic job and it’s fun and informative too.

Brenda: I LOVE The Affordable Mouse. There are so many tips, tricks and information you provide that anyone should be able to afford a trip to Walt Disney World. All the information I have found on resorts, dining plans, restaurants, attractions, rides and different hints about traveling in general have been priceless to me when planning.

Debbie: The Affordable Mouse is an awesome website that has so many tips, planning guides and ideas on how to make our Walt Disney trips very affordable and fun! I love hearing how others have saved money and enjoyed the most magical place on earth. The Affordable Mouse has so many guides to things that are free or at a low cost. Love TAM!

It was, in fact, my readers who asked me to write this guide. Because they, like you, wanted to know things like:

  • What types of restaurants and dining places are at Disney World?
  • Where are the best places to eat with children?
  • How can you have a character meal?
  • What are Advanced Dining Reservations…and are they important?
  • And perhaps most importantly: How can you save money on food?

The thing is, planning a vacation to Walt Disney World is a lot of work because there is just so much to know! This is not a vacation where you can just “wing it”: the more you know, the better the chance that your trip will be everything that you are dreaming of.

And probably no part of your Disney vacation planning is more important than your meal planning.

It is for this reason that I developed this guide. Magical Meals: A Guide to Affordable Dining at Walt Disney World will help you:

  • Learn about the types of food options at Walt Disney World and what you can expect to pay for each: Knowing this can save you a lot of money!
  • Discover what you need to know about character dining and how to make sure your family isn’t disappointed because they can’t have breakfast with Mickey or lunch with Cinderella
  • Find out about the Walt Disney World dinner shows, experiences, and packages and see how one of these can be the highlight of your trip
  • Finally understand what the Disney Dining Plan exactly IS and see if it is right for your family
  • Understand how to get discounts on your meals at Disney World
  • Learn tips for stretching your dining dollars
  • See how to get the most value when dining with kids

PLUS you will:

  • Learn what you need to know about Advanced Dining Reservations and why not knowing this can ruin your vacation
  • Discover how to get reservations at the restaurants you want at the times you want and avoid the frustration of waiting for hours for a table…while others are seated ahead of you…if you even get in at all
  • And much, much more

AND you will receive the following valuable bonuses:

  • A chart of all restaurants in the Walt Disney World theme parks and resorts including how much you can expect to pay at each
  • What to do if you have food allergies or other special diets
  • Where to eat if you are a vegetarian or vegan
  • How to celebrate birthdays and other special events

I honestly have to say that Nancy has taken the time and effort to put together a wonderful resource that is invaluable to Disney World travelers. The research that one would have to go through to find ¼ of the information that Nancy provides in this guide is unimaginable. The amount of detail yet simplicity of delivery of “Magical Meals” will not go unnoticed from first-time Disney World travelers. Nancy knows what we need to know and she effectively delivered a masterpiece that is a must-have for all Disney travelers. ~ Kelly Ortiz, Disney Guru

Among the topics Bobby covers is Disney’s dining plans. I’ve always been a bit baffled by what is and is not covered by the various plans and programs. And I’ve struggled trying to determine whether a plan would make sense for my park posse. Magical Meals presents Disney’s dining plan options in easy-to understand language and demystifies them. Likewise, the e-book covers Disney World’s reservations process, dining packages, off-property options, and even the pennies that can be pinched by purchasing refillable mugs. ~ Arthur Levine,, Guide to Theme Parks

As with Bobby’s content on The Affordable Mouse, “Magical Meals” focuses not simply on saving money but in helping readers make more informed choices. In short, the book aims help readers answer the question, “What are dining options for my family’s specific needs?” With this goal in mind, “Magical Meals” is designed to take readers through the intricacies of Disney dining in an organized, straightforward fashion. ~ Debra Peterson,, Disney Travel Examiner

From speaking the language of the Disney Dining Plan; to making reservations far enough in advance; to comprehending the differences between table-service and quick-service (and whether you’re eligible for either!), it’s an edible minefield out there. Nancy begins her guide on the assumption that you’ve never eaten at Disney before. She intuits the basic questions you’ll surely have and answers them in simple terms. If you’re putting on your ears for the first time, I recommend that you inhale the chapter about the Disney Dining Plan. What ought to be a no-brainer requires significant cranial effort, but Nancy clearly describes the different dining plans, how they work, and whether they’re a good deal for your family. Once you’ve decided whether to buy the dining plan, move on to the chapter about the many different food options at Disney World and learn how Disney classifies its grub. Nancy provides a common-sense structure to explain what’s there, where to find it, and when to do without it by venturing outside Disney World for a non-magical meal. ~ Bob McLain, Disney Dispatch

Throughout the book you will find helpful tips and advice from some of Nancy’s followers on Facebook, the Affordable Mouse website, and other locations to help give you a tip on what works and what doesn’t at the parks. That level of detail is just one of the reasons why this book is such a great value! ~ Mike Ellis, My Dreams of Disney

It’s all about the food. One of the best – and possibly most overwhelming – aspects of a Disney vacation is the dining. There are hundreds of dining choices that satisfy every preference for cuisine and theme. You can dine with princesses, eat at a five-star restaurant, and be part of a traditional Polynesian luau. After paying for lodging and park admission, you may want to economize on food but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for traditional theme park fare of hot dogs and hamburgers. Nancy unlocks the secrets of how you can eat very well and stay within your budget in Magical Meals: A Guide to Affordable Dining at Walt Disney World. This very comprehensive guide goes well beyond the basics of explaining the different categories of dining, how to make Advance Dining Reservations (ADRs), and the Disney Dining Plans but contains well-researched suggestions on how to get the most value for your Disney dining dollar. Magical Meals: A Guide to Affordable Dining at Walt Disney World contains all you need to know to enjoy everything Disney dining has to offer at an affordable cost. ~ Lisa M. Battista, author of Beyond the Attractions: A Guide to Walt Disney World with Preschoolers

(Nancy) breaks everything down into very basic, easy to understand information. Included in the book is even a list of the restaurants including their location, what type of experience it is, cost and what meals they serve (breakfast/lunch/dinner). This section is great for someone who is planning to make their Advanced Dining Reservations. You can print it out and see what restaurants fit your budget and the time of day you’d like to eat and you can highlight all of those options that appeal to you. If you are like me and you really enjoy dining and getting the most out of your dining experiences make sure to read about the Disney Dining Plan. Nancy Bobby addresses one of the biggest questions… is the Disney Dining Plan right for your family. ~ Kristen Hoetzel-Go, Cooking With Mickey


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In an organized, easy to follow e-book format, Magical Meals: A Guide to Affordable Dining at Walt Disney World was designed to be user-friendly, so that you can have everything that you want and need to know, when and where you need it. In addition to the information in the guide, you will receive worksheets for planning your meals as well as access to links that provide additional detail, tips, ideas, and suggestions. And the e-book format also gives you the versatility to print anything you want, or send it to your smartphone for easy access while at the parks.

The best part? It is only $10.95………and you can have it in minutes, ready to help you with your Disney vacation planning right away! Plus, you will receive any updates for FREE for one year.

I KNOW that you will find Magical Meals: A Guide to Affordable Dining at Walt Disney World to be one of the most helpful Disney World planning guides that you use! It will give you the tools you need to have the meals your family is dreaming of…at a cost you can afford. Here’s to your family’s magical meals at Disney World!

Nancy Bobby



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P.S. I am sure that, if you are looking for information on how to save money on your Disney World vacation dining, you will find Magical Meals: A Guide to Affordable Dining at Walt Disney World to be just the help you need. But if you are not satisfied, please know that you can request a refund in the first 60 days, no questions asked. So really, what have you got to lose?

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